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Windows Phone is slowly making its way to the top as more apps are beginning to be available for Windows Phone users, check out some of these top 7 free ones listed down below:

Manga Blaze 

Manga Blaze is the perfect app for all you comic book enthusiasts out there and manga fans. This app will monitor what you’ve been reading and aid you to take up where you left off. And the best part is that is has the offline feature available which means that even when there is no Internet, you can still carry on with your reading.


Slack is very useful to worldwide business and corporations. The latter is an IM platform where co-workers can keep in touch and work together by sharing thoughts and ideas. Eventhough this is undergoing several tests and trials, Slack is worth a shot.

Art Guide 

Art Guide is exactly what the name suggests, a complex guide that will help you browse through museums as well as art galleries across the United Kingdom. Use this app to stay informed about the upcoming exhibitions you wish to attend to and scout out the major discounts that are offered.


You can use Vine to share really short, a 6 second short video with your friends. It’s also easy to follow other users and check out their own videos, plus with the trending category at your disposal, you might come across some fascinating videos.


If you need a good file manager for your Windows Phone gizmo, Briefcase is the one, it arranges your documents and it is also keeps your data safe. The documents can be pinned to the Start Screen if you must have them at hand every time and you can also leaf through photos or watch videos because the latter app contains in-app viewers for this.


Moneygraph is a must-have app which will help you manage your incomes. You can verify how much you’ve spend in the last week or month, in short keep track of your money. Because it has a dial edit functionality, users can alter money transactions with ease.


Duolingo. helps you learn other foreign languages for free. Curious to know some basic expressions in German? Duolingo for Windows Phone will work like a charm.