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A month from now, people with Windows phones will be pleased to discover that their gadgets can now operate on Windows 10.

Microsoft has named the platform on which the phones will run Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft hopes that the release of Windows 10 Mobile will help provide competition to Android and iOS, which have enjoyed unparalleled dominance of the Smartphone market for years.

Unknown Exact Date

The exact date for releasing Windows 10 Mobile remains unknown. However, Microsoft announced that it should take place in December 2015. Microsoft says that December 2015 is when Windows 10 Mobile will begin rolling out. Windows, as well as Lumia phones, will now run on Windows 10 Mobile. Perhaps, the greatest news that users will notice with this announcement is that Windows 10 Mobile will be compatible with the following:

  1. Lumia 950
  2. Lumia 950XL
  3. Android
  4. iOS

Powering 1 Billion Devices

With the release of this platform, Microsoft should be well on its way of achieving the goal of seeing Windows 10 Mobile running more than 1 billion devices around the world in the next 2-3 years. Currently, Microsoft postulates that Windows 10 has only enjoyed 110 million installations of devices around the world. With such conservative figures, it has a long way to go to reach the levels currently being enjoyed by both Android and iOS.

Free Installation for Windows 8.1

Any person who owns a W8.1 device today will be able to download Windows 10 Mobile and use it at no cost. All the devices that currently run on Windows 8.1 will receive an upgrade to Windows 10 within no time. Experts opine that installing the tech previews of Windows 10 Mobile on your main phone should be discouraged. This is because of the lack of stability that the previews would come with, which can be dangerous to any device.

Currently, Windows 10 is available for desktops. In November 2015, it shall be available for download and installation on all new Lumias. It will cost nothing, as Microsoft wants to make it a free download. Developers have received Windows 10 Mobile for the last month or so for testing. What this means is that by the time it is ready for download on all Windows Phones, users will have a whole range of apps to install on their devices.

Finally, it is worth noting that Windows 10 Mobile will have all the features that users have grown accustomed to on Windows 10 for desktops. The main difference is that Windows 10 Mobile is optimized for the small screens on phones. The appearance of apps and features on phones will be similar to what you see on desktops. Users will access full versions of PowerPoint, Word and Office on their phones.