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The masterminds behind the popular WhatsApp IM update that rolls out alongside various features and sometimes they test one’s patience with so many betas out there until a proper update is finished, however, any update is welcome. The latest one is the 2.12.312 which is now up for grabs from APK Mirror, the latter upgrade comes with the option of previewing links, but, since this is still a work in progress, do not assume it will shine just yet.

Sending links with IM apps might be a familiar process for some. Each time you send or receive a link you might see a small preview before you click on it, so, it does prove to be a useful feature, we’re glad it will be incorporated in WhatsApp.

What’s this rich preview for shared URLs all about?

As soon as you’re done writing a specific URL, expect a teeny window to appear in which the title of the webpage will pop-up as well as an icon and the URL. The only downsize is that when these previews are sent to one of your friends, they will no be able to fully see them as this works only from the sender’s part. The only thing that will be seen is the URL, at least for the time being, as mentioned above, there is still work to be done here.

It also seems that these rich previews show up only on standard URLs. Don’t expect them to be enabled on links that contain images, and there are some other limitations as well: for instance if you want to share a link on Instagram, you will only be able to see the image’s inscription/caption.

But not to worry because developers are working to improve this feature so that all users (sender and receiver) can benefit from this new functionality, if we’ve piqued your interest, you can head on the APK Mirror and download the WhatsApp update with the 2.12.312 number and check out this feature.