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Are you feeling confused when searching the App Store and don’t know which app to download? We’ve put together a short list for you of some of the best iPhone apps that you can get your hands on.

HERE Maps 

HERE maps app has finally reached iPhone and users are thrilled about it. The latter app comes in handy if you’re constantly on the road, due to its offline feature, you can view the maps you have saved without the internet connection, you also have the turn-by-turn direction element plus the live traffic updates that will prove to be of service when driving.


DayCost is different from the rest of the existing finance manager apps that are available for iPhones. It allows users to add a money transaction with just 3 simple moves, it will also reveal simple and understandable graphs, so that you can really keep track of your expenses.


GLP is a great travel application that shows you some of the best places in town, the real hidden treasures of a city. This is a must have app if you’re planning to visit a new city or if you simply are on the lookout for great but less known cafes, pubs, restaurants and so on.


We recommend Pacifica app if you want to monitor your moods and find exercises that will help you deal with stress, give this free app a try.


This is a currency converter which can be used free of charge. 160 currency conversions are your disposal plus you will also enjoy its neat and clean UI, if you are traveling a lot, you need to download this app.


If you’re a fan of winter sports, the Powder app is just what you need before hitting the slopes, this app comes with a simple game that provokes you to go down the mountain without bumping into anything, the difficulty increases as you progress.


Third-party keyboards can now be used on iPhones, Swype for instance can be used to type in texts with a simple dragging gesture of your fingers between the keys.


Hopper will help you verify and find the best flights available and it will also inform you about the ticket prices. You will see a fun colored display of the best days to travel due to an organized calendar type of view. If you love traveling but want to do this in a smart way, get Hopper app.

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