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One of the most popular things you will find with recent smartphones today is the addition of ‘Plus’ to them.

Mostly, the plus added is considered a recognition or representation that the device comes with better and additional features over what can be found on the original flagships from the OEM. Although some consumers have blindly fallen for these additions which have resulted in disappointments from many brands and this seems to be a norm for these brands to sell more of their devices and make more as the years go by.

Although the HTC One M9+ seems and looks good, the additional features that it has the M9+ should have been added to the original One M9. However, let’s read on to find out some of the different features the One M9+ has to offer that you can benefit from. Knowing the unique features of the M9+ will make you know exactly what you stand to benefit from this device and what you cannot get from it.

The Design of the One M9+

To begin with, the M9+ is a version that is larger than the M9 that comes with some few, but clear tweaks. The display size is now 0.2 inches more which makes it wider and taller than the M9. Also, the back camera of the M9+ has been designed to have the shape of a circle which is different from the rounded square back camera that the M9 was designed with. The most popular difference with this device comes with its façade. The speaker grill that is beneath the display is divided to house its unique fingerprint sensor.

Otherwise, it also comes designed with the same complete metal uni-body manufacture and quality in the body of the device that HTC is known to bring. The corners of the device are rounded off, and rear is tapered which makes it easy for users to hold the phone comfortably. Although the M9+ is big, it is not very big than the One M9 and is still quite easy to use with just one hand. Also, due to its good metal ridge design with the perimeter of the device, a better grip is assured. So, there is nothing to be worried about where the device slipping from your hands is concerned.

Bottom Line

The HTC One M9+ is undoubtedly an amazing device. However, before you buy consider its design and other features to other brands in the market and its price to decide if it is worth owning or not.