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A First Gen Product

The OnePlus One is a good looking and elegant smartphone that offers a solid and smooth experience. It is a first gen product created by a new company but does not look like it. It offers a new benchmark for the features present in an affordable phone. It outperforms many other devices in the same price range and is even better than some of the flagship phones of reputed companies, selling at double the price.

This is a phone from a new start up Chinese company, and its mission is ‘Never Settle’ and it offers a perfect device.

Design and Display

The chassis is elegant, and the build is of polycarbonate with an arched back. The phone is rather large and comes with a 5.5 inches display screen. It is lighter than the Note 3 from Galaxy by 6 grams. The IPS LCD screen panel has a resolution of 1080 pixels, with 401 ppi. The IPS panel ensures good viewing angles. The color saturation is customizable.  The phone also enjoys protection with Gorilla Glass 3.


It comes with a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. The rear camera has dual LED flash and a microphone feature noise cancellation.

Customizable Software

The device offers a customizable experience with Android software. Due to the partnership with CyanogenMod, it is 11S build and based on the Android version 4.4.2, which is baked indirectly. The 11S is a custom firmware that has been based on the AOSP. This allows users to make changes to the settings and icons as well as the themes and other aspects of Android. Cyanogen is a third party firmware of Android software, and it offers a great experience on the OnePlus One, as it has been built into the phone. This way, it can offer more optimizations than on other phones.

There are several new features and settings that can be tweaked and is totally customizable. For instance, if you like Samsung’s interface or LG’s interface, you can download it.


The OnePlus One offers good value for money. It comes with an excellent display and premium hardware specifications. The firmware is customizable to a great extent.


Customers might not like the form of the phone. Also, the battery is not removable, and there is no external storage provision. Some of the tasks that are processor intensive stutter at times. The volume of the speaker is also rather low.


Though the OnePlus One is as close as possible to perfection and is available at an affordable price, it may not be the right phone for some. However, it is available for $299 and comes with all the flagship features. The specs are top of the shelf, and the firmware is customizable. For the price of $300, no other phone comes near what the device offers. It offers a premium feel and is a high-end phone at a low price.