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If you have waited to see the new features that Google Play Store 8.1 SDK has, you will not be disappointed.

With plenty of new tools including Maps ambient mode, you will find the new version more pleasurable to work with based on the enhanced experience that it provides. The new features are developer-friendly. Consequently, developers will discover more tools that they can use to create amazing apps that make the Android environment better and richer.

New Features Simplifies Google Maps for Android Wearables

The Ambient Mode renders Google Maps in not only a low-color but also a simpler version thus making it perfect for devices such as the Android Wear Watch. It also has an app tool that allows developers to invite anybody from their Google contact list to check or test the app through email or by SMS. However, developers will not be able to use this feature until they enable it, thus being able to take notice of it on any Android app on their preferred devices.

New Features Enhance Gaming Experience

Google Play Store 8.1 SDK now has a feature called Play Games whose main task is to enhance the gaming experience on Android devices. Moreover, the feature also makes it possible for gamers to see a message welcoming them back to the gaming platform. The message would also come with a reward for gamers who have kept off a particular gaming platform for ages. These additions make the gaming experience a truly personalized one.

The impact of the new changes or features to the user is that they ensure all Android updates now take almost a lifetime to arrive. However, with the help of Google Play Services, all new features will now roll out much faster than before. Developers will now receive new tools through Google Play Services every time Google updates it. This would save developers from waiting a lifetime for new Android versions.

What do Marshmallow Permissions do?

The other new changes that you will find include:

  1. Marshmallow Permissions
  2. Vertical App Drawer
  3. Quick Search Functionality

The Marshmallow Permissions allow developers to handle all app updates and installs in a much better manner. With these new changes, developers will now be able to offer more control to the people using their apps on Android platforms. Consequently, the apps will have no difficulty declaring the sort of changes that they require. The aforementioned permissions will now come in different groups depending on functionality, thus making organization a much easier task.

Likewise, developers will not struggle encouraging more engagement while increasing the rate of conversions with the new features that Google Play Store 8.1 SDK now has. Customizing the email invitations with call-to-action buttons as well as the custom image is one way that would make developers have an easier time. The new features also cater for the needs of game developers.