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If you are a Minecraft fan, you’ve probably already played the Minecraft: Pocket Edition that costs 6.99 dollars and can be installed on mobile devices. Since the version 0.12 update, you’ve probably noticed that the game is getting closer and closer to the PC version with all new features that have been added or reworked.

However, the developers of Minecraft, don’t stop here, as they are currently working on releasing the Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.13 update that will bring redstone circuits and all other awesome features. One of the new features that you will notice as soon as your game will be updated to 0.13 will bring rabbits, one of the later additions that the PC version has received.

It seems that these rabbits are a bit different than the ones that exist in the Minecraft: PC version, because they are smaller and they will run away from you. You can also one-shot them with a bow and they will only spawn in forests. Keep in mind that the rabbits will eat your crops, which you will surely don’t enjoy.

The developers will probably bring a few UI changes because, currently, there are some problems with the current UI in the mobile version. At the same time, it seems that dropping and dragging items in the toolbar is quite bugged and this needs to be fixed.

Tommaso Checchi, one of the developers from Mojang who’s currently working on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, confirmed that the user interface of the game will most likely be changed a little bit. At the same time, he mentioned that they are currently working on increasing the world’s height so that you can construct taller buildings.

There are high chances that some new in-game music will be added, which will increase the game size by up to 100MB or so.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 0.13?

An interesting video talking about the new update: