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Sony has been attempting to revive its fortunes in the mobile phone industry for quite a while but without much success.

Even though phones like the Xperia Z3 have made a mark in terms of quality and appeal, the company is still some way to go especially in comparison with some of the rivals. One among those rivals who have had a huge change in fortune over the last five years is LG, who have marked this tremendous turnaround by coming out with the LG V10.


This undoubtedly happens to be the talking point of both phones for various reasons. The LG V10 comes with two displays that are seamlessly integrated into one unit. The advantages of having two screens are plentiful as shown by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Even though there may be concerns about actual usability due to the position of the screen, the LG V10’s dual camera setup is certainly one that attracts headlines.

The Xperia Z5 Premium also has a similar capability up its sleeve due to the use of 4K resolution on its 5.5-inch screen. This is the first time the 4K resolution is making its debut on a mobile phone. It is not surprising that Sony have managed to win this race, as the Japanese giant certainly has a lot of expertise when it comes to making high-end panels whether it is televisions or mobile phones. The 4K resolution, however, will be available to the user only when displaying 4K content. At all other times, it will act as a normal 1080p screen to save power.

LG Camera

The LG G4 raised the bar when it came to a mobile phone camera with its 16-megapixel shooter. It has been improved even further on the LG V10. Not only is it capable of providing optical image stabilization, but it also has numerous controls for an excellent manual mode. Compared with the camera on the LG G4, the improvements on the LG V10 come in a subtle manner. The manual mode – with its wide array of DSLR-like features – was previously available only for taking pictures. Now, video recording also gets the ability to change aspects of ISO, white balance, and frame rate.

Sony Camera

The Xperia Z5 Premium also has an improved camera compared to the previous generation phones in the Xperia line-up, but this 23-megapixel shooter falls behind the LG V10 in terms of camera quality. Even though it can shoot more detail, the color accuracy levels, and the manual mode feature leave a lot to be desired.

The Xperia Z5 Premium and the LG V10 both support high-resolution audio while they can even upscale normal content to enhance the experience. The Xperia Z5 Premium will cost around $ 650 whereas the prices of the LG V10 will be more than this figure once it is launched in the first week of November.