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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the latest version or member of the Samsung device family that has been added to the high-end lineup of the brand.

However, there is still no idea when the device will be hitting the stores. Recently, there have been leaked details that German clients may have the Note 2 and Note 2 LTE version in the October and November, accordingly. This confirmed exactly what the brand made known on stage during its unique unpacked IFA event in 2012.

The brand also confirmed that the Note 2 versions for the United States will hit stores by the close of the year 2015. However, there were no specific dates of launching or launch made known. Nevertheless, there were some different leaks that seem to confirm that all major United States mobile operators like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and the U.S. Cellular will get the Note 2 as the months go by.

Now, it is being rumored that, the AT&T Note 2 might be initiated on the 21st of October 2015; exactly a month after the iPhone 5 is launched or hits the stores in the United Stores as well as many other markets, although the release date of the tablet has not been confirmed yet by AT&T. There have been some sources that have confirmed this. However, the market needs to be checked from time to time. So many people love anything Samsung and are itching for this new tablet to be introduced into the market to start or begin sales.

Performance and Price of the Note 2

There have been rumors that the performance of the Note 2 is splendid and very fast. This is one of the reasons why it is popular. There are so many people saying different things about this tablet. The price of the device is currently not known. So, there will be the need to wait for such details.

Bottom Line

You can get yourself prepared for this device now. There are some unique features that make the Note 2 a tablet worth owning. So, for users or subscribers on AT&T, there will be the need to tighten your belts in anticipation for the launch. This is because when the launch happens, you can subscribe to it and start to experience the joy of the brand new Note 2 experience from Samsung.