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Formerly, it used to be that scanning was only possible through desktops and laptops.

With the emergence and continued popularity of Android devices and iPhone, the demand for scanners for such gadgets increased substantially. In fact, the solution that some of the makers of these gadgets devised was to create products with high-quality and high-resolution cameras. These days, you only need to open the appropriate app and do the scanning.

Therefore, what sort of scanning apps are excellent for iPhones and Android devices?

  • Evernote Scannable

Evernote has been around for some time now and provides users with excellent note-taking services. However, it has now added the Scannable app, which is a free scanning app available to people with iPhones. Any device that runs on iOS benefits greatly from this scanning app. With this app, you can scan printed documents, business cards, and receipts among others. The app’s effectiveness is because of the OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology that it has.

In fact, you can also use this app to digitize all your business cards. It is able to detect letters and numbers on the documents that you are scanning with high-resolution and excellent quality. The OCR feature on the app works automatically the moment you begin doing the scan. Furthermore, the app enables you to pull information such as emails and phone numbers from the business card, thus allowing you to save these details separately.

  • CamScanner

This is the best app for Android devices. It is also a free scanning app. It only requires the camera on your Smartphone to scan all manner of printed documents as well as business cards, letters, and receipts. What’s more, the app is capable of scanning words and doodles that appear on the whiteboard. After you finalize the scanning, the app will analyze the content of the image it just captured, before organizing everything based on type.

What this means is that the app recognizes all business cards that you scanned and saved them all in a specific folder. It will save the other documents in a separate folder. The quality that the scanning app displays is stellar. The app also allows users to edit images in various ways. You can crop the image while adjusting colors and brightness. The app enables you to add watermarks as well as annotations on any image that you scan.

Therefore, consider installing these scanning apps on your Android Smartphone or iPhone today. The result is that you will never have to worry about the huge external scans ever again. The apps give you all the scanning abilities and features that you need on a Smartphone – and the best news is that they are free.