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Google Play Store is home to plenty of amazing apps and widgets.

The apps and widgets are great at simplifying certain aspects of life. For example, they allow you to use the device to play games, learn about traffic, receive a health tip, read newspapers or magazines and get updates regarding the weather to mention but a few. On the other hand, Google Play Store has more to offer than apps and widgets.

You need to learn a few tips and tricks that would make mastering Google Play Store much easier. Tips and tricks that give you complete control over the Play Store include:

  1. Using Password for Restricting Purchases

If you do not apply this tip, do not be shocked to find purchases you never made in your Play Store account. Taking this measure would prove helpful if you are not the only person using this specific device.

  1. Filtering Apps Content

It is important that you learn to filter the app contents since they are rated based on maturity, which revolves around gambling in addition to the presence of crude or violent elements. Filtering the content is crucial if you have kids, and they love using your device.

  1. Redeeming Promotional Code and Gift Card

Purchasing a Google gift card is the best option for a person who feels less inclined to use his credit card. Linking the credit cards to Google accounts has its own inherent risks, which you should try avoiding at all costs.

  1. Displaying all the App Orders

Look for all your orders on Play Store and display them. By doing this, you will not have to worry about the unknown and unsanctioned in-app purchases. This measure also gives you total control and ability to track all the purchases that you make using your Google account.

  1. Adding Apps to the Wishlist

The addition of apps to a Wishlist enables you to monitor all the apps that you might feel inclined to purchase later. This way, you eliminate the likelihood of forgetting about the apps you consider very interesting but cannot buy now for a variety of reasons.

  1. Displaying the Wishlist

Adding apps to the Wishlist would only be helpful if you can store and find it with ease. One way of doing that is by displaying the Wishlist so that you can see it at a moment’s notice. Play Store allows users to store and display the Wishlist right from within the store.

For these reasons, these are just but a few ways in which you can maximize and master the use of Google Play Store to achieve more than going through the numerous apps and widgets that it contains. Disabling notifications for updates, refusing to add widgets for apps automatically, displaying all the Android devices that you own and hiding devices from menus are other steps that you can take to maximize or master Google Play Store.