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Cleaning your Android device is the best way of ensuring that it recoups some of the incredible speeds that it might have lost with continued use.

After all, the device is similar to a computer in that repeated usage renders it a bit slower. Regardless of the amount that you spent on your Android device, it will eventually begin slowing down with time. The good news is that you can this situation by following these steps:

  1. Updating the device’s Firmware as a way of fixing some bugs and adding new features. Updating the firmware also allows you to fix unknown issues the device is struggling with but without your knowledge. Update the firmware regularly.
  2. Resetting the Device (an Android phone) to erase everything and restore the device back to its original or factory state. However, this step will only have temporary effect instead of providing apermanent
  3. Creating Backup for all the crucial information on the device, which could include passwords that you saved on the browser.
  4. Improving Internal Memory Space to stop the severe lagging that has troubled your device for long. Get a good external memory, such as SD Card, and transfer some of the files from the device’s internal memory to this new storage.
  5. Transferring some files to SD Card only works if the device has incredible internal memory space. If it does not have huge space, this step would not be highly effective.
  6. Visit Google Play Store to identify some effective antivirus programs as well as startup manager and Juice Defender in addition to an app cache cleaner.
  7. Uninstalling all the unused applications.
  8. Rebooting the Device is a temporary but effective solution.
  9. Rooting the Device is a risky venture, but produces amazing results. If you have no experience with rooting Android devices, proceeding with such a step could cause a few malfunctions. Rooting the device successfully will lead to the cancellation of the warranty that it enjoyed.

Consequently, if the speed of your Android device has caused you plenty of headaches and stress, the best option would be to clean it up properly through these steps. You only need a few minutes of your time to clean and increase the speed on the device. You need to exercise more caution when undertaking some of these steps to protect the device from further malfunctioning or damages. Your preferred actions should not jeopardize but improve the level of performance.

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