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Google’s new OS, Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolls out with an integrated file manager. The OS just reached Nexus gizmos and it will soon hit handsets running on Android.

The file manager that we have mentioned above is one of the many features that will roll out with the new Android M, as noted by WCCF Tech. Other features include having more control regarding app authorizations, an enhanced power management as well as the search element which will rock Google Now on Tap and many more.

This new feature can be easily accessed by heading on to Settings, Storage and then click on the USB and finally the Explore knob. These steps will bring forth Android M’s file manager. You can then use the latter to share various files, copy them or even categorize them.

Another useful and neat functionality of this file manager is that users can search for files by enabling the search function. The files can just as easily be erased with this integrated file manager. The only thing this file manager cannot do is rename one’s files, cut them or create new ones. In this case, users are better off using other 3rd party options.

If your smartphone comes with a microSD card slot, this feature will prove to be useful if you extend the storage space, so that the file manager can be used successfully.

Unfortunately, there are various Nexus handsets that have removed the microSD card and it seems that Samsung is planning on doing the same with its 2015 smartphone models. We are referring to the following ones: Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge version, Galaxy Note 5 as well as Galaxy Note Edge. In conclusion, the new integrated file manager in Android M is pretty much ineffective with the above mentioned Samsung devices.