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Are fed up with having to delete your favorite WhatsApp videos and pictures from your Android smartphone?

Well, there is now an advanced solution to this problem, much better than the idea of creating regular backups on a PC or other device.

WhatsApp has now announced the added support for Google Drive backups, but it is only active on Android devices. This feature now lets users of this world-popular chat app create backups of their messages, be it texts, videos, audio notes or photos, on Google Drive via the Gmail accounts.

In his blog, Scott Johnston, Google Drive Director of Products Management pointed out that there is no more need for sticking with your favorite memories on your phone; rather, there is now room for having them stored in a cloud. What this means is that it will be much easier to access these messages from any device that is compatible with Google Drive and uses the same WhatsApp number as the one used for storing the files.

WhatsApp Google Drive backup to roll out over the next few months

Johnston went ahead and revealed that the new WhatsApp Google Drive backup feature will be rolling out over the next few months, so don’t panic if you don’t already see the feature yet you are using the latest version of the chat app.

While the Google Drive principal was busy talking about the new feature that was coming to WhatsApp, the same was also happening on the chat app’s website. The Facebook-owned messaging and calling app noted that it will now be easier to recover and restore your messages from any Android phone thanks to the newly introduced Google Drive storage service.

Google Drive backup update on WhatsApp available in all latest APKs

As noted earlier, WhatsApp Google Drive backup will be rolling out over the next few months. This means that at some point, some users will have this update on their phones while others will not. If you navigate to “WhatsApp Settings>Chats and Calls” options, you will come across an option for automatically saving your messages on Google Drive, be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also choose to “Never” automatically backup messages on this cloud storage platform, but this will mean you carry out the process on your own.

If you can’t find the new Google Drive backup option in the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone, then you will have to wait for the company to avail the service of your region or device. However, if waiting is not your thing, you can remove the currently installed WhatsApp (after backing up all messages on the memory card) and head over to the official website of the app. Here you can download the latest WhatsApp 2.12.304 APK, which comes with support for Google Drive backup.

Since this application is still in beta, you must change the security settings of your device to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on it. Otherwise, the APK won’t install. Use your usual WhatsApp phone number to activate the app and then restore your messages. When you visit the app’s Chats and Calls settings, you should be able to find the new Google Drive backup option.