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WhatsApp embraces a new upgrade, one with the build number 2.12.9. The latter delivers 3D Touch gestures which targets the iPhone 6S as well as the iPhone 6S Plus model. WhatsApp’s new update allows users to investigate content such as pictures, links and even videos with the help of the 3D Touch elements such as Pop and Peek. This update is now available for download on the App Store.

WhatsApp built number 2.12.9 and the Peek and Pop features  

Peek is used to zoom-out and see the full view whereas the Pop element lets you do quite the opposite, meaning zoom-in and check out the in-app specifics. According to iDowloadBlog, home screen shortcuts are not up for grabs as far as this 3D Touch feature is concerned.

The same source claims that this new function is ineffective if users wish to preview the content of their messages. Also, the 3D Touch doesn’t work either if you wish to select the Quick reply element to respond to messages that are located in the banner notification.

If you cannot decide on whether or not to install the WhatsApp 2.12.9 upgrade on your iPhone, you need to consider the changelog and then make your decision. First of all, this new upgrade comes with various bug fixes which are always a welcome addition, Secondly, the 3D Touch features allows you to use Peek and Pop functionalities that work on audiovisual content and thirdly, WhatsApp’s interface can now be used for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Slovak and more.

Note: Those who have an iPhone device running iOS 6.0 or higher are qualified to install WhatsApp’s newest built. Look for the latter built on iTunes App Store and download it if you want to experience this 3D Touch functionality. The latter functionality has already been embraced by apps such as Pinterest, WeChat and Dropbox.