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The latest version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone was released a few days ago and it came with one of the most wanted emojis: the middle finger, which has been included to the versions for iOS and Android. But this isn’t all this new version is offering. The developers improved also the search functionality, allowing the users to easily find messages, contacts or chats.

WhatsApp has now over 900 million active users and by the end of 2015, the application will most likely surpass the number of 1 billion active users. And it’s worth installing this application, because it’s easy to use, free in the first year (then, an annual fee of 99 cents will be applied) and it offers a bunch of features, such as free voice calls to other WhatsApp users, no matter in what country they live. Also, those who register don’t need a username or a password, because their accounts are registered with their mobile numbers.

However, it seems that the Android users are more privileged, receiving new updates more often, even 2-3 times a week, while the Windows Phone platform is neglected and the new features are added after weeks of waiting. Until now, the Windows Phone users were using the middle finger emoji, but the developers have finally added it to the version, along with the option to mark messages as read or unread. The users can also select multiple messages in a chat and delete or forward them and when they’re making voice calls, they can lower the data.

If the vibrations or sounds for in-app notifications are annoying, the users can also disable them, or they will select a different ringtone for voice calls. And the search function has been improved, and according to the search log, “this may take a few days to show up after you update the app”.

The WhatsApp can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

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