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If you have ever wanted to switch from iOS to Android but worry about losing your stuff, continue reading below to discover how to go about this process successfully.

The ever-improving technology means that you can shift between iOS and Android while retaining all your stuff and losing nothing. The process is not easy as Apple does not want to simplify and make it possible for more people to leave to Android in droves.


First, you must look at the best way of moving with your contacts. All iOS or iPhone users must remember that their contacts are synchronized to iCloud. Ordinarily, this would mean easy access to your contacts regardless of the iOS device from which you login to access the address book. It is also the best way of finding all your contacts and shifting them to your preferred Android device. Ensure that the contacts are in iCloud before embarking on this process.

Photos and Videos

Next, you want to move with your photos and videos. For this to take place, go to the App Store and get the Google Photos App. Log in using your Google account. Look for the backup and sync button under settings and enable a backup of all your photos. You will pay nothing for images that are less than 16MP and videos smaller than 1080p. This way, the photos will be saved online, thus making them easy to access using your Android device.

Bookmarks, Mails, and Calendar

Your bookmarks, mail, and calendar also need to move to the new Android environment. Locate all the bookmarks on iCloud and move them. If you have been opening, sending and reading Gmail on your iPhone, there would be no problem accessing these on Android.  You cannot export your calendar from iOS device. The only alternatives include syncing and accessing it from iCloud or using third party software to transfer calendar to Android environment.

Music, Apps, and Games

Other stuff that you can move to Android from iOS device includes music, apps, and games. For music, syncing the music library to a desktop through iTunes would be the best option. As for major apps, you will find them shared on iOS and Android. However, for the smaller apps, you might have to buy them again. Alternatively, consider installing apps from the Internet if you consider buying them afresh a much tedious and costly affair.

Therefore, do not worry about shifting with your stuff from iOS to Android. Although it is a much harder process due to the restrictions that Apple has put in place on its iOS platform, with a bit of patience and plenty of research, you will find solutions to shift with all your favorite contacts, apps, games, music, photos, videos and emails. Anything that is synchronized with iCloud would be easy to shift with from iOS to Android.

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