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Gamers are set for the moment of their lives with the announcement that they shall be able to stream their games from Android devices to YouTube soon.

The announcement regarding this development came from Google recently during the Tokyo Game Show. Google already has a gaming service on YouTube, which it hopes to allow users to utilize in streaming games from Android devices to the largest video-steaming site in the world.

First Available in Japan

The initial release of this service will take place in Japan. This is because of Japan’s rich gaming culture. With the new feature, gamers will now be able to add an audio commentary or video to their games using a headset or the front-facing camera on their devices. If you need the YouTube Gaming app on Android, head to Google Play Store right now. Download, install and begin using this app in preparation for the inevitable changes that Google is about to introduce.

Competition for Twitch

The new feature is Google’s attempt at gaining some of the markets that Twitch already enjoys. Twitch is a product of Amazon. Google’s announcement is aimed at taking advantage of the popularity of Android devices around the world. More importantly, the announcement is aimed at taking advantage of the popularity that mobile gaming already enjoys almost all over the world.

The devices that you could use to stream games to YouTube include Android tablets and smartphones. What is most likely to please users is the fact that they do not have to install any additional hardware or software to enjoy this service. Through Google Play Games, you will now be able to not only record but also upload clips of game plays to YouTube and stream them. The first indications are that users love the sleep interface that the game-streaming app has.

No Further Details Announced, Yet

Initially, the YouTube Gaming app was only available for use by gamers who wanted to stream games on YouTube from their PCs. Now, Google says that Android devices, in addition to PCs, will allow streaming of games to YouTube. The precise details indicating how the actual process will take place are yet to be announced. Moreover, if the app focuses on providing Android mobile users with such abilities, it might reduce Twitch’s influence in the market.

To be able to stream videos in this manner, you will only need an Android Smartphone or tablet. It would also be important to open a YouTube account, considering that you will not be able to upload or stream any video or game without one. You also need to invest in a Smartphone or tablet that boasts of an excellent camera. A headset would also be necessary for adding a bit of a commentary, thus spicing up the game.