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Google Play Books is the app to go to when in need of eBooks to download and install on your device for subsequent reading later.

You need this app to read all the eBooks that you download and install on your device. You can only buy books for this app through Google Play Store. On the other hand, it is worth reiterating that Google Play Books is a standalone app, which is linked to the user’s Google account just as it is the case with Google Play Store.

Easy Access through Google Account

Every time you open your Google account, you will be able to locate and read the eBooks that you downloaded through Google Play Books. A simple reminder here; users purchase eBooks through Google Play Store but read them via Google Play Book. You can sweep or swipe through the screen of your device to turn the pages of the eBook that you desire to read with the help of the PlayBook app.

Book Formats Supported

It is worth mentioning that the following eBook formats enjoy support from Google Play Book:

  • EPUB
  • PDF
  • ACSM

What you need to know about ACSM format is that this refers to eBooks that currently enjoy protection through digital rights management. With this app, feel free to download as many eBooks as you want to your device. If you want to access the options menu, tap the screen while the Google Play Book app is open. The options menu allows you the freedom of highlighting or bookmarking all the eBooks that you downloaded to your device.

Default Library for all eBooks

The app has a default library app where you will find all eBooks that you have ever downloaded and installed on the device. However, in case you cannot find an eBook that you downloaded, go to your device and look for books with the blue thumbtack icon. Google Play has more than 4 million books, thus providing you with a wide range of different categories and authors. It is easier to find your favorite title or author at Google Play Store.

Access to Free eBooks

Some of the books that you find on this app are free. Other eBooks that you come across would need a small fee to download, install and read from Google Play Book on your device. What is more, the app allows you to access and read your eBooks offline. After installation, the eBooks remain on your device until such a time that you have finished reading them and wish to download a fresh set.

Therefore, do not travel with huge volumes of books while traveling. Instead, the best option is to buy, download and read all your favorite eBooks through Google Play Store as well as Google Play Book respectively.