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Pretty much every person who owns a smartphone and pays for a mobile data plan has installed a messaging application. It’s easier to keep in touch with friends who live in other countries, as these applications are free and they require only an internet connection, but if the users connect to a wi-fi network, they won’t consume their mobile data and will chat for free. But the question is: which application to install? Well, it depends on your friends’ preferences, but it’s also important to know a little bit about the features of these instant messengers. In this article we’ll compare two famous applications: Skype and Viber.

Installation Method

In order to use Skype, you will need to install the application, then you’ll choose a username and a password, in order to create an account. Viber uses the same installation method as WhatsApp, meaning that it requires your phone number to register your account, but in addition, you will choose a username as a number identifier. The application can be used on desktops as well, but first, it must be installed on a mobile device.

Which Is More Popular?

Skype was launched 12 years ago and currently it’s owned by Microsoft, but it doesn’t have a large number of active users, barely reaching 300 million. Viber appeared almost 5 years ago and the number of active users is around 250 million.


Both applications are free and the users are able to call their friends without being charged, only if they have the same application installed on their devices. But these applications offer also the possibility to call landline or mobile numbers and the rates are very convenient. But you will need to buy credit, using your credit card or paypal account.

Call Quality

Skype uses advanced voice (SILK and Opus) and video codecs (VP8 and H.264) which offer the best quality, beating the Viber, which offers HD quality calls.

Data Consumption

When making VoIP calls on Viber, the application consumes around 400 kbits/ps on 2G and 3G, while when calling on 3G network only, Viber uses 500 Kb data. It seems that Skype is hungrier, as it can eat up to 875 Kb data per minute.