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If you’re constantly on the road and if you are relying on navigation apps for your itinerary, check out this analogy, the battle is between the Waze app and Google Maps.

Quick fact: Waze was recently purchased by Google, however this app still functions separately. So which out of these two navigation apps is more practical?

Google Maps App vs. Waze App

Google Maps is popular on Android as well as iOS devices, users enjoy using the latter because of its live traffic data, immersive maps plus various other options that ease your search.

Google Maps also comes with a vast selection of means of transportation to choose from: cycling, walking, car etc. This just helps you get an idea on how long will it take you to get from point A to point B. With the latter navigation app, you can also see interesting places that pop-up along the way. So, Google Maps is the perfect choice if you are curious and want to check out other locations before you reach your final destination. Who knows what you might discover by mere accident?

Waze on the other hand is a navigation app that helps you find your way around when you’re driving. Waze also provides users with live traffic specifics that will show up next to your itinerary. The latter details are based on feedback that other Waze users send. There is the active feedback (this includes car crashes and even speed traps) while the passive feedback is gathered Waze from the driver’s personal routes. In short, Waze is keeping a close eye on the traffic and what happens while you’re just minding your own business and driving.

However, some users are complaining that Waze has a petty UI and it takes a long time to enable the commands as well as the voice functionality. In conclusion, Waze is the navigation app that targets drivers. Thus, it is the perfect choice for those who travel long distances by car.