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Android 6.0 Marshmallow was officially released on October 5th and first, it will roll out in phases to Google’s Nexuses, then to other company’s flagships. The users are curious if Android M has brought many features, but unfortunately, Google has focused more on making it stable, by fixing the bugs found in 5.1 Lollipop. Of course, there are a few additions and changes, and we’ll talk about them in this article.

Many smartphones which are powered by batteries with low capacities are dying pretty quickly and this is the major problem with Android 5.1 Lollipop. Therefore, Google polished this version and improved the battery life and its performance, but there are many small changes related to the animations, but at first glance, you won’t notice them, because they look similar. Anyway, the new added features are more important and we’ll talk about them below.


In Android 5.0, the lockscreen was very clean and it had some quick swipe icons for launching voice controls and the camera, or to unlock the phone. In 5.1 there were three icons at the bottom of the lockscreen: the first one was accessing the phone app, in the middle was the option to unlock the phone while in the right side was the icon for accessing the camera. Now, instead of the phone app icon we have a microphone which launches the Google Now voice controls.

App Tray

All applications are ordered alphabetically, but now, the list is vertical and has a row of four most used applications at the top. To search for an application, you will use the search bar and in the moment you’ll start typing its name, all icons will be removed and only the relevant result will be shown.

Notification Bar Settings

Now, when unlocking the device, the notification pulldown bar will show the do not disturb mode, no sim card, airplane mode (the first row), auto-rotate, flashlight and location (the second row) and below was placed cast.

Google Now on Tap

You will access it by long pressing the home button and it will occupy the entire screen. It will provide information about locations you’re interesting in visiting, it will send messages or make calls, set reminders or alarms etc.


Now, applications will ask permissions to use some parts of your device, such as the location, the camera or other features. The users’ privacy will be more protected and they can revoke permissions when they want, by going to settings > apps.
Fingerprint Support

Android 6.0 Marshmallow introduced fingerprint support for all devices that are equipped with a fingerprint scanner. You will be able to sign into applications, purchase applications from the Google Store or even make online payments using the Android Pay system.

Doze Battery Life

This new feature will put applications in low-power state when the device is not in use, extending the life by up to 30 percent. You will still get notifications from Gmail or Facebook, but you will be able to manage what applications can doze off.