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The most used video platform is, without a doubt, YouTube, being visited daily by millions of people, no matter if they have an account or not. But, is it YouTube good enough for business purposes or for websites, or there are other platforms with more attractive features? Below, we’ll tell you the pros and cons of YouTube, but in the same time, we’ll take a look at its biggest rival’s features, Vimeo.


There more advantages than disadvantages, and we’ll start by saying that YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform, as in one month, it’s has up to 1 billion unique views. Now, it’s owned by Google and it allows the users to upload full HD videos and even 4K content, and the visitors/users can easily find videos, as there is a search section where they write the names of their favorite songs or TV episodes or trailers or whatever they want. They can leave comments to videos, subscribe to other users’ channels and earn money through the TrueView Advertising program.

There are a few disadvantages, but not related to technical issues. The problem is that there are many businesses that block YouTube videos, the users don’t have customer service or support, and there’s no strong control over public content. Everyone can leave comments, even if the users are insulting or bullying the person who owns the channel and if the users are publishing ads, besides their content, YouTube will display competitors’ content.


It has only 170 million visitors per month and it doesn’t offer a free account for business usage, as the minimum price per month is $17. But the good news is that there is no advertising for viewers and the content has a higher quality, the analytics is more detailed and the users can customize the video player, by adding logos, colors etc. Because it has a smaller audience, Vimeo is not favored by Google in search results and there are restrictions on storage based on plans.

Prices and Plans

YouTube is free and doesn’t have storage limits. Vimeo is free for posting personal stuff, but the companies must pay $199 a year and the smallest plan limits them to 1,000GB of storage a year.

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