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WhatsApp 2.12.299 APK is the latest version of the town, only available from the official WhatsApp website or third party sites such as APKMirror.

With a user base of over 900 million people, this messaging platform is the most popular.

The Google Play Store has already recorded download rates of between 1 and 5 billion, but as you all know, this does not represent the exact number of users on the platform. There is no shred of doubt that Android users dominate the user base of this Facebook-owned app, and it is, for this reason, you will sometimes see more than 3 updates of this application being rolled out for Android users in a week’s time. However, this usually depends heavily on what is there to be fixed, be it an error, a bug or maybe a performance glitch.

In most cases, the numerous updates that WhatsApp developers roll out usually don’t bring lots of new features to the platform. It is the same way with the latest WhatsApp 2.12.299 APK for Android as it includes more fixes and improvements as compared to new features. When compared to previous APK sizes, the latest is larger at 22.75MB as opposed to the previous v2.12.298 APK, which was only 19.38MB.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2.12.299 APK for Android?

As noted earlier, the new v2.12.299 APK can be found on the official WhatsApp website or by visiting the APKMirror website. This is true because the app is still in beta and as such, it is yet to be uploaded to the official Google Play Store for public use. So, this means that this application may still be having some performance issues and bugs that must be fixed before releasing it to the Play Store.

Facebook keeps changing this app on a daily basis. The latest version is equipped with Skin Tone emojis as well as a mark as read feature. While these are not new features, they have only been improved, with more emojis now available in 6 different colors.

In a recent report, WhatsApp revealed that it will be rolling out support for Google Drive backup in the coming versions. This feature is now available in this new APK file, allowing users to the backup photo, text as well as video messages, with the latter option coming as an optional selection. This will save users lots of space, and it will also make accessing WhatsApp messages from any device very possible, especially when switching devices.

Installing WhatsApp 2.12.299 APK

Since this application is not available directly from the Google Play Store, installing it on an Android device requires some tweaks to be done on the security settings of the phone. Here, you must allow installation of apps from unknown sources, which, in this case, is the WhatsApp or APKMirror website. Once this is done, you can download and install the latest WhatsApp 2.12.299 APK on your Android phone without experiencing any problems.

Remember to revert your device’s security settings to the old format to avoid installation of malicious