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Viber is usually not mentioned on regular terms as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

However, this is basically because this app is a dominant force in the East and not in the West.

Nonetheless, there are real followers or loyalists of this app, and it is no wonder the app keeps rolling out new and enhanced updates and feature now and then. Just like the WhatsApp above, Viber is a messaging and calling app. But to be honest, this Rakuten-owned app has more to offer than what the Facebook-owned messenger offers.

What does Viber offer?

Well, other than being a free instant messaging app, Viber can also be used to make free voice and video calls. The app allows users to enjoy HD-quality calls using smartphones, tablets, and even desktops since it has a native app for each platform. Also, users can make very affordable calls to non-users of the app via the Viber Out feature, as long as the recipient has a phone number or landline.

Viber allows users to follow their favorite personalities, topics and brands via the Public Chats feature. Also, there are lots of stickers and emojisto be used during conversations. There is even more in the latest update of Viber, which was released this week.

What’s new in Viber

While on paper it doesn’t look like a huge leap, those using the app on a smartphone and tablet will for sure notice some differences. There are also some differences between individual and group conversations.

There is a new heart appearing next to each group message and using this icon, users of Viber can easily like what other users have contributed in the group chat. This feature is set to change the whole communication experience, with social media-like features coming into the platform. Furthermore, those who felt limited with the number of size of messages in the previous versions can now have something to smile about as the new version has increased the character limit to 7,000 characters.

The use of Public Chats is gradually growing on this platform as more and more people and brands continue to embrace it. In this regard, Viber has updated the latest v5.6.0.2413 with support for this feature, but now on the tablet version. This now eliminates the need for turning to the smartphone app whenever you want to use Public Chats on Viber. Users will now be able to forward Public Chat messages, which make sharing of content much easier than before.

The new Viber also comes in with improvements in the video messaging aspect, which takes the whole messaging experience to the next level.

The new update is available for free download via the official Google Play Store.