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Google Earth is perfect for navigating and visiting places you have never been to around the world.

Sadly, many people only use a fraction of this app. This is because they do not appreciate the full extent of what the app can do for them. The app has been in existence for around 11 years now and has been a favorite of any traveler or student of geography who has fast Internet connectivity.

To use Google Earth like a pro, you should do the following:

  1. Go on a Tour

You do not have to leave your house or office to embark on a tour around the world. With this app, you can explore the terrestrial world as well as the stars. More importantly, the app allows you to not only record but also share the tours that you make with Google Earth. After recording the tour, feel free to share it with friends online. You can store the recorded tours on ML and KMZ, which refer to the Keyhole Markup Language and Keyhole Markup Zip files.

Distributing the recorded tour as KML ensures that nobody can edit it for whichever reason later and change its details. You can share the recorded videos on YouTube and gain popularity or attention that you can then divert or direct to your website. It is possible to share the videos on other platforms as well. Teachers can give their students such assignments to make class work more interesting.

  1. Finding More About the World

Google Earth provides facts on all locations around the world that you would struggle to locate elsewhere, regardless of the level of research that you put into such tasks. The app is full of innumerable data regarding the geography and demography of any location that you wish to learn more about. This line of work is popular with geographers and sociologists. With this app, you can map more than 2,500 addresses obtained from XML files.

  1. Learning About The Traffic in Your Neighborhood

With the acquisition of Waze, it is now possible for users of Google Earth to learn about the traffic within their neighborhoods, thus make decisions that ensure they arrive for meetings or at work much earlier. More importantly, the app provides you with a breakdown of historical traffic data. If you want real-time data, this information might not be good for you. However, historical traffic data will be helpful to planners.

  1. Solving Property Disputes

With Google Earth, property disputes need not wear you down as in the past. With the parcel data feature that the app has, property disputes will be history and not define your days anymore. Parcel data provides a proper definition of the property boundaries, thus making it much easier to solve disputes. Getting data regarding property boundaries is one of the toughest tasks in the world, but Google Earth has made the information available to everybody.

Therefore, learn to use Google Earth and in the manner prescribed above and enjoy features you never imagined that it has. With this app, it is now possible to learn about the owners of each parcel of land that you might desire to buy. The datasets that the app has will help you learn more about the world. With the app, feel free to visit the stars and tour any destination around the world without leaving the safety and comfort of your home.