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The Galaxy S6 was released at the beginning of April, but the rumors about its specs have been leaked many months ahead. “Winter is coming” and besides snow, it brings new details about the upcoming Galaxy S7 flagship.

Release Date

Years ago, the Korean company attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show and it brought some flexible OLED smartphone prototypes, but the project failed to materialize and according to some reports, Samsung didn’t give up on its dream and it’s still working on those prototypes, hoping to deliver them in Q2 of 2016. For now, Samsung has only smartphones with dual-edge screens, but the bodies are fixed, not flexible, as LG’s LG Flex 2 model.

Apparently, Samsung has developed Project V or Project Valley and most likely, the Galaxy S7 will be the company’s first flexible device, and it the rumors are true, it will make its apparition in January.


The public went crazy when Apple unveiled its new 3D Touch technology, which was integrated into iPhone 6S’ panel. The pressure-sensitive display allows the users to perform various actions, depending on how soft or hard they tap on the screen.

Samsung showed signs of jealousy, and it seems that the Galaxy S7 will benefit from a similar technology called ClearForce, which will offer a more complex control input. This will improve the speed scrolling and will offer a better gaming experience.


According to the latest rumors, Samsung will use three options of processors from: Exynos 7422 for the Indian customers, Exynos 8890 for Asia and Europe, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 model will be available in the Northern America. Sam Mobile reported that “The Galaxy S7 is codenamed Project Lucky internally”, but the company calls its devices Hero and Hero2, as the first prototype is associated with the Exynos 8890, while the other has the Snapdragon 820 SoC.

In the Geekbench database was noticed the Exynos hardware (Exynos 8890 clocked at 2.4GHz was codenamed Mongoose), while the Snapdragon 820 appeared even in AnTuTu database, as “Project Lucky-LTE” and the LTE-enabled variant seems to support 4GB of RAM, while the non-LTE model has only 3GB of RAM.


A recent rumor suggested that Samsung was inspired by HTC to use a style dual-sensor camera, but we don’t have more information about it.

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