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Wonders never cease, and if you thought otherwise, then you are wrong.

While it had remained to be a historical moment when the first person stepped on the moon, history is being rewritten.

Google and Facebook are two companies that are ever in the competition and this time around, matters are headed to space, with the main goal being to allow the globe to access the free internet via Wi-Fi connections. Well, making the internet globally available is not the pressing issue here. However, it is something that these two companies having been working towards in the recent past, with Google’s Project Fi meant for the same purpose.

Facebook made its plans clear earlier this year, saying that later this year it will launch drones that will help dwellers of developing nations with poor internet connections enjoy better and fast connections through Wi-Fi on their devices. This initiative was launched as part of the program and just recently, it was boosted by the news that the social media giant will be launching a satellite that will help larger parts of the Sub-Saharan Africa to enjoy fast and free internet.This is likely to spread to other developing parts of the world, but it might heavily depend on its success in this African region.

Facebook satellite to be launched next year

The new Facebook satellite, which is known as AMOS-6, is now still under construction in collaboration with French specialists known as Eutelsat. According to the latest news, free and unlimited internet access will be available to develop nations as from next year.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed he was glad that his establishment had taken this major step towards its efforts of connecting the world via The satellite will be a massive boost for those living in areas with poor internet infrastructure since the Zuck believes that connectivity can change the lives of people and communities in general.

Google’s Project Fi plans still unclear

As noted earlier, Google and Facebook are companies with close competition ties. Google has been working on Project Fi for quite sometime now and whether it still has the same plans as Facebook or the search engine giant has other ideas is still unclear at the moment.

What is clear is that the competition between Google and Facebook as far as democratizing the internet is concerned will change the way people communicate, regardless of the winner of the battle.