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Chromecast is Google’s own TV on a stick, but minus the remote control as your tablet or smartphone serves as the latter accessory. Neat, right? Check out several tricks down below and discover how you can take advantage of Chromecast while operating an Android/iOS device.

The screensaver can be customized

Every time Chromecast is in an unproductive state (the idle mode) you will see a bunch of images pop-up on the screen. These can easily be altered. Start by launching Chromecast app, click on Devices tab, then the Settings knob and lastly click on Backdrop. You will be able to choose from all sorts of photos to add as your display, titles from Play Newsstand for instance and many other selections.

Activate the voice search (Android exclusive)

With the Chromecast app, users can look-up videos by launching a simple voice command. For this, you will have to click on the Chromecast app, click on the microphone symbol (right in the search bar) and then launch the command. Actors and even film directors can be looked-up or even film categories. Sadly, iOS users do not have this option.

Designate a cool name for your Chromecast

“Chromecast8988” is the default name that tolls out with the new TV on the stick straight out of the box. If you want, you can easily change its name. Enable Chromecast app, click on Devices tab, and next click on Settings (the gear icon) and click on the Name prompt. You can give it a fun and personal name or a nickname if you wish.

Games can be transffererd onto the TV

There are lots of video and music options for you to cast on your Android or iOS device, however on the Google Play Store you will also come across a selection of games. As soon as you direct the game to the TV set, your smartphone can act as a game console. You can play Alien Invaders, Just Dance Now, Scrabble Blitz, Monopoly Dash or Wheel of Fortune.

Chromecast button might make an appearance

When Chromecast is running smoothly, users might notice a rectangular shaped knob with a wireless little icon show up in the bottom-left side of various applications. This is only a warning from Chromecast that the app you are using is a perfect match with the latter.