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The source code for Android M has been unveiled by Google and is now in the hands of the manufacturers. Now, it’s up to them to make the Android M operating system ready to be implemented in their devices.

LG is the first out of the gang to get its hands on the source code and the LG G4 device will soon get to experience the new OS, according to hearsays, the latter gizmo will get the Android M update in the month of December.

Based on T-Mobile’s record of devices that will embrace the update, the rollout of the Marshmallow OS to the LG G4 is a sure thing and it’s only a few weeks away. The belief that the Android M rollout might just take place in December is based on the fact that back in 2014, Lollipop launch date happened around the same period.

After LG G4 update, worldwide carries will also start to roll out the Android M update to their own smartphones. But not before they perform the necessary tweaks in order for the gizmos to function properly.

If LG G4 (the unlocked variant) gets the Android M in November, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the carrier LG G4 units to get the latter upgrade in December. Devices like LG G Flex 2, LG V10, LG G3 and even the LG G2 will also get Android 6.0 M.

As for the LG G3 handset, expect it to receive the upgrade in 2016 as well as the LG G Flex. The Android M rollout will happen gradually, so for some users it might test their patience, however, LG G4 will be the first out of the bunch to really experiment and embrace this brand new upgrade.