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There is a new WhatsApp bug that is leaving users of iPhones running on the latest iOS 9 baffled.

The strange glitch is, however, affecting the devices that have been updated to the latest Apple mobile OS, but the app works fine with older versions.

It seems that once an iPhone user launches WhatsApp on his phone and at the same time he is listening to music, any attempt to add or even take a picture to include in a message will result in the volume being automatically switched off. Strange, huh? Not really. What even makes this scenario odder is the fact that even after you close WhatsApp, the volume won’t return to normal, which further makes things frustrating for those using this platform.

Facebook app is also causing similar problems on some iOS devices

It has been reported that numerous Apple fans who had already updated to the latest iOS 9 have been flooding Cupertino with emails and complaints about this flaw, but no communication
has been provided with respect to whether the issue is being caused by WhatsApp, the music app or the entire iOS 9 OS.

To cast doubt on whether it’s WhatsApp or iOS 9, there are additional reports suggesting that the main Facebook app is also experiencing the same issue when using on certain devices. Just like WhatsApp, the iPhone’s volume will shut down once you launch and try to use the Facebook app when listening to music.

Apple iOS 9 is still new and buggy

Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 9 came into life just last month. Like any other new application or operating system, it is not possible for the first major roll-out to be perfect. Usually, bugs and errors come in, all of which must be sorted out before a stable version is arrived at. Maybe this is what is causing the glitch in using WhatsApp and Facebook on iPhones running on iOS 9.

Nonetheless, the new OS has reportedly been listed as the Apple OS that has had the easiest start to life. The iOS 8 was affected by much more problems that what is being experienced by iOS 9, but according to the latest stats from Apple, over 50% of Apple devices have already been updated with iOS 9.

Whether the bug is coming from the OS or the specific apps, it’s still to be determined yet, but a solution is expected soon. Keep following us and we will inform you as soon a solution is made available.