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Instagram has one of the main social media platforms that users from all over the world cannot do without.

Its users feel almost addicted to this social media platform. Users rush to Instagram to post photos and short videos, which help their followers to learn a little more about them. In a way, Instagram has become an important tool for communicating. Therefore, how can you open and use Instagram on Mac or Windows?

The first step is to download the app. Remember that the app is usable on a computer. Therefore, if you do not have a Smartphone on which to download, install and use the app, turn to the desktop. Owning a desktop computer would mean being able to satisfy the craving for using this app. It is worth mentioning that there is no official version of this app for desktops. At the moment, it is only officially usable on Smartphone devices.

So, what action should you take to download, install and use Instagram on your Mac or Windows desktop? The secret is in identifying the right tools or workarounds that would convert the app and make it usable on desktops. In this regard, your options would include the following:

  1. BlueStack App Player, which is one of the leading Android emulators that allows users to run Android apps on Mac or Windows. You would have to download BlueStack from its official website and install on your machine. The next step involves searching for Instagram directly from BlueStack. Instagram will now be ready to run automatically on the Mac or Windows.
  2. InPic/InstaPic, which is a workaround tool that allows the use of Instagram on Windows 8. With this tool, you have to sign up for an Instagram account if you do not have one yet. Alternatively, you can also use it to sign in to your existing Instagram account. The tool makes it easier for users to sign into multiple Instagram accounts.
  3. Pixsta, which is one of the greatest Windows PC apps for using Instagram. The only downside to installing this tool is that it does not allow you to upload photos. On the other hand, it’s pleasantly cool interface provides one of the best experiences when using Instagram on Windows machine.
  4. Gramblr, which allows users to use not only Instagram but also upload photos. Although the app allows users to explore their Instagram accounts, it limits cropping and editing of photos. If you want to edit or crop any photo before downloading on Instagram through this workaround tool, you must do this outside Gramblr.

With more research, you will find other workaround solutions that allow you to run Instagram on Mac and Windows.