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Viber is a very popular app, but its popularity is nowhere near what WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat enjoy.

While the app reports that it has at least 606 million monthly active users, the number of downloads on iOS and Android platforms may suggest otherwise.

In essence, Viber is believed to be a home to at least 100 million monthly active users, a figure that is still immense with respect to instant messaging services.

That said and done, it is also very important to note that even though this app has yet to garner a huge following, it has already garnered a set of loyal users and fans. To make this group happy and keep it glued to the services of the app, Viber keeps rolling out new features and updates that enhance the experience of using the app. In this way, the company will not only retain its loyal users, but it will also attract more others to join the platform.

Viber 5.6 version is targeting a specific demographic

In the latest update, it seems the app developers are targeting a certain demographic which enjoys the idea of writing long posts, liking other posts as well as accessing chats that are meant for the public.

In short, the new changes brought in by Viber 5.6 add to the app’s bigger picture of becoming a better messaging service. Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, and some of the social media features that keep driving more users to this platform are liking a status, photo or video. Instagram also allows users to “hear” a message, and this is driving more and more users to the platform.

These features have now been made live on the latest Viber 5.6 for Android and iOS, but they only work for group chats. When in a group chat, you will see a heart appearing next to the message. If you like, what you just read, you can easily tap into the heart, and the sender will get your point. Things are even getting much better for those who love writing a lot as the new version supports up to 7,000 characters in a single message.

As far as Public Chats are concerned, users will now be able to forward the messages in these chats to your friends. The good side of this story is that this can now be doneon an Android tablet, unlike in the past where accessing Public Chats was only possible on Android smartphones. There is also news that the video messaging experience has been improved with the inclusion of new features, but there are no details on this update.

The latest version of Viber is now available for free download via the Google Play Store. iOS users can get the same version from the Apple App Store.