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The majority of people that own a smartphone recur to Google Maps either for mere route indications or for looking up a destination. But what most users don’t know is that Google Maps has a bunch of gimmicks that can be used to get easier access to such information, so without any further ado, let’s go over 5 of these helpful gimmicks down below.

Placing a Pin For Guidance

When you are searching for directions, you normally look for a specific area/place such as a restaurant or a hotel, when you drop the pin on the Map, you will automatically get more fine points regarding the location you’ve been searching for. With a simple long-press gesture your pin can be placed anywhere on the map.

Voice Commands

With the new voice control option that has been implemented by Google, users can simply speak into the microphone and say the location/destination they are looking for. This is very practical option that will permit you to focus on the road and not on the typing process on your phone, so ask way.

Changing The View Of a Certain Area

Now users can recur to the 3D Maps and Google Earth app that have just been included to Google Maps. If you use a swipe up finger gesture , the map will let you see the whole area in a flat perspective and of course with the 3D effect. This is a great tool to get a better view of the overall map, give it a go.

Double Tap To Zoom

The pinch-to-zoom option comes in handy when you wish to take a closer look at the streets for instance. Many users don’t know this or they might have forgotten, but the 2x click to zoom is still up and running in Google Maps, if your hands are too busy doing something else, recur to this old school technique.

A Speedy Navigation

You can recur to a faster navigation by simply typing in a location to get the precise indication. Using the navigation system to look for your own routes is a bit of a hassle, so instead you can click on the blue circular symbol to move from the maps to the navigation, thus, based on the location you have entered (a hotel name or a coffee shop), the app will select the quickest itinerary for you instead of letting you decide.