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Gmail comes packed with some pretty neat features that most of you might not know about, read on to find out several easy methods that will change the way you use Gmail.

Enable Reply All

When you have to send the same email over and over again, it can turn out to be a hassle, that is why the “reply all” element might come in handy, go to Settings and under General look for Reply Behavior and then tap on Reply All to activate it.

Check Your Gmail in Offline Mode

Gmail Offline is the perfect extension that will help you verify, reply or even save your emails without being connected to the internet. Look for the gear symbol, then go to Settings, next Gmail Offline, permit this extension to link and download all of your emails (say 10 minutes) and then you can be offline.

Another Address To Send Your Emails

If you go to Settings, choose Account and then Import you can send your email from different accounts, when you are in the Send mail as category you will have to tap on Add another email address to add any other email address you might have. Thus, each time to write an email, you will be able to choose which of the addresses you wish to recur to.

Jumbo Emails Need To Go

If you’re approaching the 15GB limit in Gmail, you need to clear out some of your emails. In order to find out which are the main culprits for occupying the space, look for “size: {x number} m”( Important: do not leave out the quotes)  and you should see the results pop up instantly.

Have a Comfortable Inbox

If you wish to change the way your inbox looks, go to the gear symbol once more and then pick the Comfortable choice. This means your Gmail will have a lot more free space between the emails and your eyes will welcome the change for sure.

Snooze Mode on for emails

I am sure there are several emails that you don’t feel like reading as soon as they turn up in your inbox, this is where Snooze Your Email for Gmail comes in. With the latter you can “snooze” these emails for a few hours or days even and you will see them on top of your inbox after the snooze period has ended.

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