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The latest Adobe Flash Player version has just been released. The new Adobe Flash Player doesn’t come with a change log, but it most likely contains a few fixes that the developers have found.

With other words, if you didn’t update your Adobe Flash Player version to, you should download it from the Adobe website and install it on your computer.

Usually, both Adobe and Microsoft are releasing security updates for their software on the second Tuesday of each month, so even if the change log of the Adobe Flash Player has not been released yet, we can assume that it contains a few bug fixes.

We also remind you that the Adobe Flash Player is one of the most vulnerable software out there, so it’s critically that the developers solve all the issues they find as soon as possible.

Adobe Flash Player: How Long It will Last?

Unfortunately for Adobe, its Flash Player is about to die sooner or later. Mostly because of all the security issues and the performance problems, the big companies are looking forward for an alternative of the Adobe Flash Player.

We remind you that YouTube was one of the first big companies that gave up on Flash Player and enabled the HTML5 as default, while other companies are currently working on an alternative software, which could replace the Adobe Flash Player.

For example, Mozilla is working on the Project Shumway, which will most likely become a faster and more secure application that will replace Adobe Flash Player and it will be integrated into the Firefox browser.

However, we’re pretty sure that Adobe Flash Player is not dead yet, as it will take a while until Mozilla will finish working on the Project Shumway or until other companies will come with another alternative for this application.

Until then, we suggest you to stay patched and install the latest Adobe Flash Player from the official Adobe website.

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