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Users have tried to login to multiple Gmail or Facebook accounts at the same time in the past to no avail.

Initially, users had to logout from one account before opening another one in the same browser. This meant that there was very little a user could do if he wanted to open different accounts and use them to communicate with various groups of people. Opening multiple accounts depended on the different contacts that a person wanted to keep.

FB Quick Login

The tool that has made it possible for users to loginto multiple Facebook accounts on the same browser is FB Quick Login, which is an extension available on Google Chrome. The extension is not only easy to use but also makes it possible for you to login to around five different Facebook accounts all at the same time and within the same browser. Achieving such a feat in the past was an impossible task.

The better news is the fact that the extension comes free, and you do not have to pay anything to access or use it. After clicking the extension (a single click is all that is required), you will receive two items for the multiple Facebook accounts that you wish to open, and these are:

  • Password Manager
  • Login Helper

What this means is that users never have to enter their login details repeatedly whenever they want to open multiple accounts. The login details include usernames and passwords. Entering these details once is enough. The extension will capture and save them. The extension will encrypt your login details, thus eliminating the likelihood of somebody discovering and using them without your permission.

Using an Extra Browser

The other alternative would require using another browser. Depending on the type of machine that you have, using more than one browser at a time can be a bit frustrating. If you experience this, the best option would be enabling private browsing, which is great for somebody who does not want to use different browsers on a single machine. Enabling private browsing is akin to going incognito, which is not only available but also inbuilt on your browser.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Google already has a feature that allows users to login using different usernames and passwords on the same browser. What you need to remember is that other social media or email platforms do not have such features, hence the need for trying new ways. The extension on Google Chrome, signing in from multiple browsers, enabling private browsing or creating different browser profiles are all effective methods that you can use too.

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