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Currently, YouTube remains the best video-streaming site in the world. It is full of music videos.

TV episodes, movie trailers, broadcasts, and interviews are also available on YouTube for viewing. If you find an interesting video on YouTube while browsing on your Linux machine and feel the urge to download it to your desktop, do not despair. This is because you have several options for achieving your goal with little fuss as shown below.

Most Popular Downloading Tool

First, you should consider using Minitube, which is one of the best tools for downloading videos from YouTube. It is similar in many ways to other software tools that you can use to download videos from YouTube to your Linux computer. Moreover, the simple interface on Minitube makes it worth using for this purpose. Other features that Minitube will provide you with in addition to downloading YouTube videos include:

  • Supporting full 1080p HD videos
  • Smooth watching videos in full-screen mode
  • Translation into 40 different languages

Other Downloading Tools

You also need to consider using YouTube-dl for downloading videos from YouTube onto your Linux machine. Here, you only need to provide the downloading tool with the URL of the YouTube video that you wish to download. Feel free to select your preferred video quality prior to downloading. If you find it difficult to determine the best quality, the downloading tool will do this for you.

Movegrab has turned into one of the most effective tools for downloading YouTube videos in recent years. The fact that Movegrab offers incredible support for the following platforms from where you can download videos should convince you of the need for installing and using it for this purpose:

  • Metacafe
  • Dailymotion
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Washington Post
  • TED
  • com

Just like YouTube-dl, Movegrab runs on commands, which you can type or enter on a terminal in your Linux machine. On the other hand, if you prefer using open source applications, then Gmediafinder would be a great tool to use. It is one of the best alternatives to Minitube, although the latter is much simpler to use. The integrated browser support that Gmediafinder provides is one of its greatest features and main attractions.

With this information, downloading YouTube videos onto your Linux machine should no longer be a major hassle. Feel free to use any of the tools above to accomplish your purpose. All the tools mentioned here are easy to use. These tools do not interfere with the quality of the videos. You get the same quality as what you see on YouTube. Therefore, look for these tools, install them on your Linux machine, and begin downloading YouTube videos today.

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