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It is clear that the Xperia Z3 was designed to come with some of the best features any mobile device can have and the best battery life to benefit from.

However, just like any other Smartphone, using it too much or more regularly has a unique way of draining its battery quickly. With the right tips, it becomes very easy for you to make the most out of your Z3 device and also enjoy using your phone without having to keep it in Airplane mode every single day. A phone is meant to be used, and so, you just need the right tips to make sure the battery is kept stronger and not weakened.

Choose your Apps with Caution

A lot of users of the Z3 know they need to choose their apps carefully if they want to have their batteries saved. However, it is mostly easier said than done. The amount of time that your Z3 runs will be based on mostly what you do with it. Playing games in full-screen mode will take aware more battery power from your phone than when you just surf the internet or when you just listen to songs on your MP3. So, it will be better to stick to listening to music more than playing games.

Try to load or start up games when you clearly know you are running out of power. Also, when downloading apps make sure you do not download those that will require you to update from time to time. When they constantly check on these updates, you might end up losing more than you should where battery power is concerned. Also, make sure you disable all background updates.

Turn the Battery Down

There is one thing to note, and it has to do with the screen of the phone. The more your screen is brighter, the more power it takes away from the phone. So, to get more value from your battery, make sure the brightness of the screen is turned down and also immobilize adaptive brightness.

Bottom Line

Some people are worse with using phones, and this is why you will find that their batteries start to weaken as the days go by, and they end up blaming the phone brand to be the worse. Just try to relax more and do not overuse your phone. Overusing your phone will be the beginning of the end of it. So, just use it the right way and at the right time.

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