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Snapchat is the American way of enjoying fast and fun mobile conversations.

Whether it’s a photo or a short video, Snapchat has what it takes to keep you glued to the app for all of your fun moments.

The app allows users to add captions to these photos and videos before sharing with friends. Your friend will see the photo or video, laugh and in a short while, it disappears from their device’s screen.

Just like many other chat apps, Snapchat will let users know when their friends are online and available for chatting. The app allows for face-to-face chats as long as both parties are present. The good thing with this app is that it’s free of charge, and it only requires an internet connection for it to work.

One thing that many users love about messaging apps is that they are simple, free to use, and usually, they don’t include marketing elements such as ads. However, this trend is somehow changing as business organizations and developers discover the huge traffic that directed to these mobile platforms. It seems developers of Snapchat are also headed this way, with a probable introduction of ads via the new, fun Lenses feature.

Snapchat’s way of monetizing the app

In the recent past, tech sites have been dominated by news of how Facebook is planning to make money out of WhatsApp and Messenger. Very few people had known that Snapchat is in the same race as well.

Now, the millions who use this photo and video sharing app can add emojis and other wacky effects to their Snaps. However, the Financial Times reveals that the company is now exploring ways of cashing in by selling ads using the newly introduced Lenses feature. This feature can already make your face look like a barfing rainbow.

Companies will be able to buy sponsored lenses that will then be displayed next to the usual lenses. According to the latest revelations, these ads might probably be aimed at promoting new movies and just in case a scary movie is being promoted, this lens might turn your face into a spooky look, just next to the film’s logo. Companies will not pay cheaply for sponsoring your selfies, with reports saying that the costs will range from $450,000 to $750,000 per day.

More money for Snapchat

At the moment, Snapchat makes money via ads that appear in Stories as well as custom geo-filters. Furthermore, the app charges users $1 if they want to replay snaps. Now that it is working on sponsored lenses, it means more money will start coming into the company via the free app. While it is true ads can be annoying, however, these are optional.