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Samsung is planning on delivering a top-notch smartphone in the upcoming future, the Galaxy S7 device. Check out the newest hearsays regarding the latter device down below.

Galaxy S7 – Launch date and more alleged specs

All of the Galaxy S editions have been released at the Barcelona Mobile World convention. So, it makes perfect sense that the same thing can happen with the S7 device. The upcoming event is scheduled for February 2016, between 22-25.

As far as the display of the upcoming Galaxy S7, this might rock a foldable screen as noted by Business Korea, the latter handset might also include the 4K resolution. Other rumors state that Samsung’s new gizmo might have a holographic display, but these are mere suppositions. The device might also be a water-resistant one and Samsung is also planning on adding the microSD.

Camera wise, Samsung has come a log way and is planning on opting for a very slim camera unit.  Currently, Samsung is testing out a dual-camera, one that might mirror the one incorporated in HTC’s One M8 device.

There is also some turmoil surrounding the Galaxy S7’s processors as some are wondering if Samsung will choose the Exynos one or not. But according to Korean Electronic Times, Samsung has decided to go with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor for the Galaxy S7 units that will be sold in US and China while the Exynos chip will be included in other Galaxy S7 units sold in other parts of the country.

As for the battery, rumors claim that the S7 be up and running for 5 full days, of course depending on the usage. Apparently, Samsung researchers found a way to boost up the battery life with the aid of graphene as well as silicon. For now we can only hope that some of these rumors have a fundament, but as time ticks away more whispers and rumors are likely to show up.