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As most of you already know, Minecraft is currently not available for Wii U, which is quite a disappointment for many players out there. However, it seems that the Minecraft: Story Mode will be released for Wii U also, which means that the Minecraft engine is being ported to the WiiU.

However, we’ve already known for quite some time that the Minecraft: Story Mode will be released for Wii U and this is the first time that Minecraft will appear on a Nintendo system. After Mojang was bought by Microsoft, many players have feared that Minecraft will not be available for other consoles and operating system than the ones owned by Microsoft (such as Windows OS or Xbox consoles).

Back then, Microsoft has clearly said that even if they’ve purchased Mojang, they will not stop bringing new updates for all the platforms the game is available on. At the same time, Mojang has confirmed that a Minecraft: Nintendo version is not something impossible and they are interested in bringing the game to that platform also.

Telltale Games is currently working on Minecraft: Story Mode game and it seems that they will Mojang on bringing its Minecraft game to Wii U also, this is because the Minecraft: Story Mode is partially built on the Minecraft engine.

With other words, when Minecraft: Story Mode will be ready for Wii U, the Minecraft engine will be optimized for Wii U and, here, Mojang could kick off and start working on releasing a Minecraft: Wii U version.

Do you think that Minecraft will be released for Wii U?

Here is the trailer of Minecraft: Story Mode, the game that will be released for Android, iOS, Windows, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, OS X and Wii U.