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Let’s be honest, Gmail had an interface which disappointed many users and when they were about to abandon their accounts and sign up for another free email service, Google brought the overhauled Gmail 5.0 which allows the users to check their Yahoo and Exchange mails, as well. Inbox is another application developed by Google and it can be installed on Android and iOS devices, but it also works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, but there are many cool things this service is offering, such as the possibility to snooze messages or to bundle similar emails together etc.


Most of the email services don’t have a tool for organizing messages, so the users see a list of unsorted mails in chronological order. Inbox, on the other hand, will help you be more organized, as it bundles together messages which are similar and you will be able to deal with all of them. For example, when you’re informed in a mail that you have to pay a monthly bill, or you’ve paid it using your credit card, Inbox will bundle it with a similar money-sucking message and you’ll have the option t either archive or snooze them (moving them elsewhere so that your inbox is no longer clogged).

While some users will love bundling, others will hate this feature, but the good news is that it can be turned off for some messages. Google added a new option, allowing Inbox to sync Google Now reminders and it makes auto-suggestions so that the users will create new reminders.

Gmail 5.0

This is Gmail with a new Material Design and which can handle, IMAP, POP, Yahoo, Exchange and mail. Usually, people permanently delete their messages, without thinking that maybe one day, they’ll want to take a peek at those mails and in this case it’s better to archive messages. However, you shouldn’t worry about the storage, because Google offers 15GB of shared space among Gmail, G+ and Drive Storage, which is enough for someone who doesn’t receive hundreds of emails everyday. Anyway, to easily delete unwanted messages, you’ll tap the trash can icon in front of the mail. Also, you are allowed to adjust the swipe gesture, to be able to delete messages, instead of archiving them.

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