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WhatsApp has been heaped with praise as the one of the most convenient apps when it comes to instant messaging.

In addition, many have hailed this app as one of the best mobile apps of its generation thanks to the fact that it has hit a massive 900+ million users.

This is a massive figure and for sure, close to a billion people can’t be wrong. The app has remained to be the most favored among the millions that use it, with the Google Play Store alone managing over 1 billion downloads.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has managed to retain its user base’s growth thanks to the exclusive and hot features it offers. The app has also been lauded as one of the easiest, if not the easiest web application. However, there is a huge threat to the success of this messenger and its name is WhatsApp Plus. Sounds familiar, huh?

Well, as the name suggests, the two are somehow related. WhatsApp Plus borrowed the original app’s source code, made some tweaks here and there and came out with an application that offers advanced features of the former, hence the “Plus”. But what tweaks did Rafalete, the Spanish developer behind the clone app, exactly make, to the source code of WhatsApp to come up with WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus differences

The most obvious difference you’ll notice between the two is the name, the color theme and the icon. The modified WhatsApp Plus features a blue icon with blue dominating most of the app’s proceedings as opposed to the green that we are used to on the original app.

Upon firing up the clone application, you will also notice further differences. There is no doubt that the latest WhatsApp has made some amazing changes in the visual display, styles as well as themes. However, WhatsApp Plus is equipped with over 700 themes, all of which can be sorted according to the date of creation, name, number of downloads as well as version. With these themes, you can change almost everything that you know about WhatsApp, whether it’s the background color, text colors, sizes, styles, and even change the appearance of the icon itself. These are features you can’t get on the original version.

The use of emojis has really taken up and this is being leveraged by all messaging apps, including WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. Even though the former is equipped with many emojis and emoticons, the variety available on the latter is unmatched. You will even find the same emojis available on the latest Google Hangouts on this clone WhatsApp Plus app.

The two apps are meant for sharing messages that include different media. This is a great addition to both platforms as it allows the users to share videos, music files and photos as well. However, there is a problem with WhatsApp as it allows a maximum file size of only 16MB to be shared in an instance. This is contrary to what you get on WhatsApp Plus, which offers up to 50MB.

There is a catch

As you may have noted, WhatsApp Plus has more advanced features than WhatsApp. In essence, it has all the features that the original app has, but adds a little zest to almost all of them. However, there is a catch involved in using and accessing the services of the clone app.

In order for you to fully enjoy the additional features of WhatsApp Plus, it is a must that your contacts also install this clone app on their phones. Otherwise, only a few features will be functional on the original platform. In addition, you cannot have both apps installed on your phone, but they use the same phone number.