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People enjoy using WhatsApp’s services for keeping in touch with their loved ones. What is different about WhatsApp is that you can also use video and audio to communicate with your family and friends.

Everybody is familiar with the Star element, the latter is used to mark primary emails, but now WhatsApp for iPhone also received the Star feature. The latter can be used to Star chat messages. As soon as you bookmark a message or even a photo you will see it under Starred Messages, this update can only be found on iOS and it has the build no. 2.12.7. Android, Windows Phone and the rest of the users will have to be patient because this update is still “restricted” to them.

The ability to bookmark on WhatsApp will come in handy to really set the important messages apart from the common ones, here is how it’s done:

  • Make sure you have the newest WhatsApp version installed on your phone;
  • Click on WhatsApp and then click on the Chat;
  • Simply click on whichever chat/chat group you want and Star a certain message;
  • You will need to click& hold the message you want to bookmark or Star;
  • Once you see a window appear right above the message, you need to click the little star symbol and that’s it.

Note: If you want to check out all of your Starred messages, you need to tap on the sender’s name or group name for that matter and only then click on the “Starred Messages” profile, this will immediately show you all of your bookmarked messages you have received from that sender.

It might seem a bit strange that WhatsApp’s new feature was implemented to iOS and not Android. But, apparently anything is possible, so, if you are curious to see how this feature works, download it from the App Store.