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Creating a YouTube channel is easy. You only need a Google or Gmail account.

The Google account also enables you to like, watch and subscribe to other channels. If you have a Google account, writing comments on the video that you are watching at any given moment would be easier. However, it is worth mentioning that the Google accounts do not come with features such as the YouTube channel by default. You have to create such channels.

You cannot claim a presence on YouTube without a channel. With the account, you can also create playlists. Importantly, you need to realize that creating a YouTube channel through YouTube apps on your Android or iOS devices is impossible. To do this, you will need to go to a computer or mobile site. YouTube allows users to create personal as well as business channels or use any name that they prefer.

Creating a YouTube channel should be straightforward if you follow this guideline:

  1. Opening website
  2. Clicking the “Sign In” link on the YouTube website
  3. Creating an account on YouTube, which requires a Google/Gmail account
  4. Fill in the appropriate fields
  5. Create a Google Account Profile, which includes uploading the appropriate profile photo

If you do this process well, Google will send you two emails. One of those emails will require that you verify the current email address that you provided. You only need to click the link that comes inside the email to do this. The second email will contain details of the new Gmail account that you opened a few moments ago. Do not delete any of the emails, especially the second one, as it could prove beneficial later.

At this time, you only have a Google account. The second stage involves transforming it into a YouTube Channel. To do this, you need to open the official YouTube website and sign in. Go to the upper right corner of the new window or screen that appears. Click on your picture profile for displaying the Google Account Menu. On the upper right corner of the new screen, click on the “My Channel” link that appears.

At this juncture, the “Create a YouTube Channel” screen will appear. Click the link and customize the Google profile. You will then see a heading labeled “Activities You’ll Share on Your Channel”, which comes with four options; namely, Comment on a Video, Like a Video, Subscribe to a Channel and Favorite a Video. Check the boxes associated with the activities that you want the subscribers to do once they are on your channel.

Finally, once everything is in place, do not forget to click the link labeled “OK, I’m Ready to Continue”. If you followed the step-by-step instructions keenly, the YouTube Channel will now be up and running. As the guideline has proven, creating a YouTube channel is not impossible, as long as you have the Google or Gmail account. YouTube is under the ownership of Google, hence the importance of creating a channel therein with the appropriate Google account.