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Google Now has received an update that has just made it a more robust feature, especially in areas with lots of noise, it’s now much faster than before and according to the company, the execution of commands is now more accurate than ever.

This is good news for Google, considering the fact that it is the less vocal company as far as personal digital assistants are concerned. There are other players in the industry, among them Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana and there is no doubt that Google has been the most low-key of all the three.

Google has nothing to do with humanizing the Google Now digital assistant like its counterparts do. On the other hand, it appears that Google might just be the company with the best algorithms as far as recognition is concerned. The new Google Now tool can easily recognize any mumbled input, doing it with almost no delays with respect to processing time. Google claims this application has now been updated to even better things up, which is not the best news for Microsoft and Apple.

Google Now algorithms shift from deep neural networks to recurrent neural networks

According to a new article posted on Google Research Blog, some of the latest developments in Google’s search algorithms have been highlighted. In the past, Google has been using deep neural networks in computing the things that you are most likely trying to say when giving some voice commands to your phone via the Now feature. However, things have changed with the latest update of the tool as Google has now opted for recurrent neural networks.

In the new voice modeling, Google will easily account for any temporal dependencies. In short, it means that the Google Now tool will be able to analyze every audio snippet by actually referring to the sounds on both sides of the snippet. What this means, to the end users of this personal digital assistant, is that the tool is now much faster, efficient and more accurate in voice searching. In addition, Google reveals that the updated Google Now is now more robust to noisy surroundings.

The new Google Now tool is available for the users of the Android and iOS devices, who only need to update to the latest Google search app via the official Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, respectively.