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One can never be to sure when saving photos and messages in your phone’s memory. When you are not paying attention, anything can happen with the device and all of your memories will be gone in an instant.

But luckily, Google Drive just rolled out a backup option which will be implemented in WhatsApp. The latter feature will allow users to backup their most important content. This for now will only function on devices that run on Android. Expect this new option to show up on WhatsApp Settings in the next couple of months.

This type of integration will certainly be appreciated by many users and it will also come in handy. We cannot deny the fact that it would be refreshing to see other types of applications being integrated with Drive. There are lots of individuals that save their pictures and other important messages in a bunch of other apps. But who knows what the future might bring? For now, we can just be grateful that this backup option is available for WhatsApp.

The only downside for now is that this feature can be used exclusively on Android gizmos. But if you really want to use it, the only option would be to get your hands on an Android gizmo, even if it is an older version. One other thing you should keep in mind when performing this backup is that you can always restore the data you have saved to another device. So, this is definitely a plus.

As far as the type of information you can save, this can be your voice messages, video content or even your chat history if this is important to you. The implementation of Google Drive with WhatsApp is definitely a major change. “Google Drive was an easy choice. It offers the native andoird experience we want for our senders and the scale to grow with use”. These are the words of WhatsApp CO-founder Brian Acton.

So be on the lookout for the 2.12.303 version which should be listed on WhatsApp’s official site.