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The key to being famous on YouTube is unique personality and constantly engaging with subscribers.

Finding the best way for expressing your unique personality would attract more subscribers, thus helping you to achieve the goal of being a famous or popular YouTube figure. Your audience needs to know that you have a genuine connection with them if they are to remain subscribers.

Those above are just but the foundations. You need to do more to achieve the level of fame that you desire on YouTube. Some of the measures that you can employ to be famous on this video streaming channel include the following:

  1. Creating a Buzz

Cultural relevance is a necessary ingredient to creating a buzz. Identify the current trends and create videos that revolve around these. News items and pop culture trends are some of the topics that should feature prominently on your videos. If you operate within a niche, be knowledgeable where your favorite subjects are concerned. Be ready with the resources that enable you to upload a fresh video within a day of news as well as pop culture items breaking forth.

  1. Connecting with Viewers

To achieve this, keep the channel looking impressive. Do not forget to tag all the videos that you post on your YouTube channel. Promoting the videos among your closest friends would also be advisable here. Regular discussion and talks with your subscribers are also highly recommended. You are not in your island, thus the importance of watching other channels. Your channel needs new videos at least once every week.

  1. Making Great Videos

The essence of going to YouTube is to watch videos. If your video is not great in terms of quality, do not expect to be famous on YouTube. Be yourself while offering value to your audience or subscribers. Always speak up and maintain eye contact with the camera or viewers. Invest in good cameras and excellent video editing tools to ensure that the quality of your videos remains excellent at all times.

Do not forget that excellent videos require plenty of work. Edit the videos until they look amazing. Make it worthy for your subscribers to spend time watching the videos that you post. Give them a reason to keep coming back for more content. Make the videos as interesting, relevant and engaging as possible. Talk about issues or topics with which the subscribers can identify, if you expect to grab and retain their attention for long.

Consistency is important in the world of YouTube. You can only improve the quality of your videos. You do not have the luxury of lowering the quality of the video or letting the content suffer even for a single day. Committing such mistakes could derail and ensure that your goal of being famous on YouTube remains a dream and never comes to fruition. The success of being famous here depends on the regularity with which you add fresh content.

Finally, learn to talk to editors on YouTube and ask them to feature your video. This would only be possible if the video is outstanding in quality and content. Identify some of the most influential people on YouTube and ask for an opportunity to collaborate with them. Prepare a list of YouTube meetings, attend and meet with other people in person. Making video parodies and responses would also produce amazing results.

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